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Humotion is a leading provider of mobile human motion monitoring and bio-feedback systems. We aim to bring the capabilities of today’s motion laboratories into the activities of daily living, capturing relevant data for a variety of applications including fitness, sports, and medical condition monitoring.

This is made possible by developing a complete vertical technology supply chain, from individual sensors worn on the body, to the required low power wireless connections, to network technology and back-end servers.

Together, all components form a flexible monitoring network which can be deployed for both at-home use as well as for large institutional installations in sports centers, hospitals or industry. Data is analyzed either directly on board of the sensors or in the back-end servers and is always based on solid a bio-mechanical and mathematical foundation. The well-known effect of monitoring technology influencing the behavior of the wearer is minimized by full textile integration of all on-body components; this guarantees minimum impact and comfortable use.

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